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The Reservoir is Opening - May 7th

Mothers Day Weekend Menu

2022 Course Opening - May 9th

Ladies' Night May 10th

Men's Night May 12th

2 For 1 Mondays - Starting May 16th

2 golfers play for 1 regular 18 H green fee ($49.00)

Cart Mandatory ($37.00)

Per Player =$43.00 (taxes extra)


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Tournament Schedule

Registration Opens -May 9

Unleashed 2-Person Open Registration Open...Filling up quicklyMay 28-29
Rotary June 11
Keith Fullerton Men’s Open June 25-26
TKT Memorial Mixed OpenJuly 9-10
Cameco Ladies OpenJuly 23
Cameco Senior Mens Open (Limited to 120 players...Book early!)Sept 7
Jacob & Samuel Drilling Senior Ladies OpenSept 14


President’s Note

Course Opening May 9th!! Reservoir open May 7th….check out the Mothers Day weekend menu!

It has been a long winter….After spending an afternoon watching Cayden and Kevin field questions about online booking I thought I would set-up a cheat sheet for members especially since we are trying to encourage online booking (as below). Monday is going to be busy so do not leave paying for a seasonal cart or your membership for the last minute. We will be endeavoring to have everyone check-in before their round (including and especially men’s/ladies’ nights). Cart keys will be handed out and recorded as many went missing last year. Please return any that might have migrated to the bottom of your golf bag or were found in the washing machine. After your round, park the cart on the riverside of the clubhouse and return your key to the proshop. If anyone has a Huron Pines bag tag that doesn’t have any sentimental value, please drop it off at the proshop for recycling as a key tag. Thanks in advance.

Also of note is this years seasonal cart rate is unlimited for 1 rider (the purchaser only). Like other courses spouses who ride will be charged for their half cart. We continue to remain below the industry norm of $20 per rider. Time will tell if our 5% increase across the board is ample for the mandatory minimum wage increases, their spin-off as well as the other inflationary changes seen over the last year.

10 packs have been converted to an electronic format. A QR code (that will be emailed to you) that can been scanned will record your redemption. For those without a cell phone we can track your remaining game/cart packs on site Your receipt will also inform you of remaining rounds. Please, come in early so we can convert your legacy cards to the new format. Gone are the days of lost cards. Be patient as we could not thoroughly test this feature in training mode. If Tim Horton’s can do it, would should be able to.

Please attempt to book on-line, as this frees up our proshop staff to attend to in shop customers and other duties. Unfortunately, Tee-On has not programmed a way for 10 pack players to book, but they are working on it.

Tentative mens and ladies night tee times have been organized based on last years preferred times and this years requests. Everything is flexible at this time, just ask for a change.

The UNLEASHED 2 PERSON is filling up quickly…registration for all tournaments will be available starting Monday. Formats and capacity will be returning to pre-covid times, so don’t miss out on your perennial favorites.

Here’s to 2022,

Mark A.V. Deverell

Superintendent’s Note

               I’ve heard it said that, “the only thing constant is change”.  The times we are living in and through, seem to be driving that idea home in ways we could never have imagined. 

               Most of you all are aware that we owe a great deal of gratitude to our extremely dedicated team of volunteers.  It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to report that one of our longest serving and most dedicated volunteers, Tom Van Roon passed away at the end of last year.  For over 20 years Tom has kept the periphery of the course free of brush and has taken out problem trees in areas where many of us often find ourselves.  The loss of Tom will be felt not only in our hearts but in the character of the areas he looked after.  We will do our best to continue his work, but his work ethic and attentiveness to detail will be extremely difficult to replace.

               In the upcoming season we will be starting the year with a fleet of 60 golf cars as we finally received the ones we ordered in the spring of 2021.  The addition of these cars will improve the flow on the golf course and should do away with the waits that some of you had last year when no cars were available.  In the fall of last year we renovated the tee deck on #17 and intend to continue work to improve tees on #9 and #14.  In the shop area we will be expanding our covered space with a new building to ensure that our equipment can be sheltered from the elements as much as possible, thereby extending their lives and cutting down on maintenance issues.  Also intended is drainage to the bottom of #16 fairway and #17 in front of the green. 

               The improvements we have planned will be made that much more difficult with the final retirement of Royal St Jules with his beaver like work ethic.  With that said the search for motivated and meticulous workers has begun.  If that sounds like someone you know please let them know we are looking!  In the mean time, until the snow recedes, please take care of yourselves my friends and remember “I’m pulling for you, we’re all in this together”. 

Peter Stos


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