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Terms and Conditions

What you should know…

When visiting Huron Pines Golf & Country Club or becoming a member for the very first time there are some important rules and regulations that every golfer should be aware of.

Becoming familiar with the following information will make your visit to Huron Pines much more enjoyable.

Code of Conduct

Tee Times:

Tee Time Booking Policy:

All tee times must be booked in advance. No “walk-on” allowed by guests or members during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. All non-members (in parties of less than 12) shall be required to guarantee their tee time bookings by major credit card.
  2. An individual or group not showing for their tee time(s) without advanced notice will be billed for any unfilled spots, including any prepaid reservations.

Advanced notice shall be a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled tee time for all group sizes. 

  1. Members and Local Residents not showing for their scheduled tee times without advance notice shall be subject to the following rules:

1st offence: A warning will be issued.

2nd offence: A fine will be charged in the amount of the applicable green fee for the vacant spot.

A Member or Local Resident shall lose their booking privileges until unpaid fines are paid.

Tournament Bookings

Tournament bookings must be confirmed two weeks in advance. Cancellations will not be allowed after this time. Payment for tournament bookings must be received two-weeks prior to the scheduled start time.

Meals for tournaments must be confirmed 7-days in advance. No cancellations will be allowed after this time.


Exceptions to the cancellation policies will be allowed only in the case of extenuating circumstances and shall be awarded at the discretion of the Pro/Manager.

Dress Code:

* No Tank Tops.

* No Short Shorts or Cut-off’s.

* No muscle shirts.

* No ripped or torn clothing.

*No rude or offensive language on clothing.

* Soft Spikes or soft-soled shoes only.

Alcohol Policy:

The Huron Pines Golf & Country Club is licensed by the LLBO. The golf course holds a valid liquor license for the clubhouse and golf cart endorsement that allows the consumption of alcohol on the golf course. It is unlawful for anyone to bring their own alcohol on to the premises. Please keep in mind that our staff will confiscate any alcohol not purchased from the golf club.


The Huron Pines clubhouse is a smoke free building. This regulation is enforced under the Town of Blind River’s No-smoking bylaw. Smoking is allowed any where on the course and the outside premises of the clubhouse.

Check in time:

We ask that all golfers check in 15 min. before their scheduled tee time to ensure the staff has adequate time to register everyone in the group and get them ready to play. Huron Pines cannot guarantee reservations to golfers arriving late for their tee-time.

Power Carts:

Power Carts should be booked at the same time as booking a tee time to ensure availability. The majority of visitors to Huron Pines choose to rent a cart however walking is allowed and encouraged in the interest of better health. Golfers must be 21 or older to rent a power cart.

Private Power Carts are not allowed at Huron Pines with the exception that any members protected under our private power cart grandfather clause are allowed the use of their own cart (subject to an annual fee) until they cease to become a member.

Guests wishing to bring their own cart will be subject to the normal rental fee of a power cart. Huron Pines offers a power cart membership for members wanting a cart for the season. Please refer to our rates section for details.

Soft Spikes:

Huron Pines is a mandatory “Soft-Spikes Only” facility. We will gladly change your spikes for a small fee upon your arrival. Please keep this in mind before you arrive, changing spikes can be time consuming and in some cases it is impossible to have them done before your scheduled tee time.


Huron Pines enlists the services of Golf Course Rangers during our busy season. We ask all golfers to obey the golf course rules and etiquette information listed on the scorecard, at the first tee and on the back of the green fee tickets. The rangers’ duty is to enforce these rules so everyone can enjoy their round at Huron Pines.

Parking & Club Drop:

A club drop off is situated in front of the clubhouse near the staff parking lot. Clubs can be dropped off at this location upon arrival. All visitors must park in the main parking lot. Staff and handicap parking is allowed in the lot near the clubhouse and is controlled under the Town of Blind River’s parking by-law. Tickets will be issued for unauthorized parking.


All Guests must have a set of clubs per golfer unless the person is participating in a team or partner event where one ball is played between two people. We have rental sets available in both right and left for a small fee.

Agreement of Risk & Obligations:

Golfers accept the RISK OF CONTRACTING COVID-19 by choosing to visit the Huron Pines Golf & Country Club.

  • The Member & Public golfers shall be required to strictly abide by any and all policies concerning the control and spread of COVID-19, including without limitation on the provincial policies set on social distancing.
  • The Member & Public is under an obligation to notify the Club if they observe anyone not strictly abiding to these new policies set in place by Huron Pines Golf & Country Club.
  • The Member will not attend or use the golf course if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, if they have been in immediate contact with anyone who is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are otherwise under an obligation to self-isolate or remain under quarantine.


  • The Member & Public accepts their obligations under this “Agreement” and acknowledges that a breach of these obligations on their part could result in immediate removal from the property.
  • The Member & Public hereby releases the Club, its Directors, Officers and Staff from any and all claims that the Member & Public has or may have in the future for:
    • any loss or damage the Member & Public may suffer due to contracting COVID-19, including sickness or death, as a result of attending or using the golf course; and
    • any suspension or other discipline imposed on the Member & Public by Huron Pines Golf & Country Club resulting from the Member & Public’s breach of their obligations under this “Agreement”.
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