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Mobile Digital Scorecard

During the winter of Huron Pines has been able to acquire a mobile digital scorecard custom designed for our course. This will help limit some person to person contact in this ongoing age of Covid 19. It is presently in beta testing. Digital Scorecard

The first version allows simple score tracking with the added benefit of stylized hole layout information.

Enter name in input box. Click Add Player.

Once all players entered. Go to Enter scores.




Enter individual scores.

Click >>>>>> to advance to next hole.

Running tally of front/back and totals.

Click on Hole Layout to get stylized hole information for the corresponding hole.

When done the scorer can screen shot the summary page and text or email it to their fellow players.

Men’s/Ladies night scoring app is available to track real time scoring for these events. Once a player has paid their entry fees, their name will be available to select in the scoring app. Participants can track their groups score which will be automatically uploaded from their digital device to a web-based database. This will enable proshop staff to download scoring from the cloud without ever having to touch a scorecard.

To use the advanced features you will have to register using an email account. A verification email will be sent to your account. Click on the link that will allow you to login. Select members of your group. “Playing Handicaps” will be used as per the World Handicap system allowing a more equitable allocation of strokes when competitors are playing from different tees. So the first thing everyone will notice is a reduction of your handicap based on the rating of the tees. A group wagering option is available for in group gaming. Skins, low man and team aggie match play are available. Others can be added upon request.

Hole by hole scoring is automatically updated at the clubhouse. A live NET leaderboard will be available, as well as hole by hole stats that will track average score per hole and low score per hole.

A live mapping of players locations will allow better course management and identify bottlenecks on the course.

At the end of the night scores will be downloaded directly into the Access based database that has been used over the last 20 years.

Additional feature in the works- GPS distances to front, center and back of the greens with potential addition of exact pin locations if available equipment is accurate enough ie iPhone 8, Garmin 680. Click on the Hole title to activate for the present hole. 

For fast and convenient use an icon can be set up on your iPhone’s (+/-Android) desktop. Open App in Safari, click on share, swipe up to get more options, click on ‘Add to Home Screen’. It is only web based, so you will get the most current version with every use. Be patient as features will be added and changed.

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